Art is like a childhood friend

Since I can recall, there has not been a stage of my life where art has not occupied a large division of my mind, heart and soul. It has been there to guide me and inspire me towards studying and building a creative career. Originating with my family’s creative attitudes and the initial effect it had on my artistic outlook and transiting through to my studies in Art and Design at university, I have an inevitable visionary perspective on the world. My interests are not exclusively focused on the visual arts, I enjoy music and history with a similar passion, nevertheless it is with my eyes that I most robustly process my experiences.

Edd Wasson-Beese BA Hons (Fine Art) 

I am a fun loving and creative individual with a passion for Art and History. I split my working time between Graphic Design and studying the history of art. I am currently working towards starting an MA in Art History.

“Drawing is the necessary beginning of everything [in Art], and not having it, one has nothing.” ~ Giorgio Vasari

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I have a particular affinity for imagery that illustrates an aged appearance. As an example, the drawings and cartoons of Italian Renaissance artists are of particular interest to me. Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist c.1499-1500″ provides a good example of what inspires me in this regard. The murky and misty background blends into detail providing us with recognisable form. The figures are created through light and dark using chalk and charcoal along with Leonardo’s almost legendary use of Sfumato.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist c.1499-1500, charcoal, black and white on tinted paper, 141.5 x 104.6 cm, National Gallery London

The inspiration I get from such works as the above often tend to show in my own artwork. I endeavour to create abstract and textured backgrounds that contrast with detailed subjects in the foreground.

Tyto Owl 2017

I have a level of appreciation for most art. Each piece of visual artistic representation provides a window from the creator’s mind that depicts their personal view of the world. This is, for me, a stimulating reflection on the connection between artists throughout the world and more so throughout history. Why do I find this way of thinking so captivating? I believe that these connections act as a sort of time machine where we can put ourselves in the place of the artist and experience not only the visual beauty of an artwork but learn about the historical and social environments that existed at the time of their creation.

It is for the above reason that I have such a dedication to the earlier periods of art. My combined fascination with history and the visual arts fuels my desire to further my studies and expand my knowledge of the subject I cherish.

The Creative Blogs

As I study and travel, I will be documenting my views on various topics. These will be observations on particular artworks and my personal reactions to them as well as various articles on subjects that interest me. I hope that these pockets of information will serve to enlighten and educate others by broadcasting how I view the world of art from my perspective.